The 18th of June we had our press conference for image001 , an interactive app on tablet for seniors.
image001 is an experiential and exploring tour that can be used in every expo. The following  topics are covered: MUSIC, SHAPE, EMOTION, COLOR and STORY. It is made by and for seniors.

The regional television made ​​the following report: senioren en mu-zee-um ontwikkelen interactieve app

Watch the pictures of the conference by pressing the tablet 🙂   10402622_10152516550202905_6113802407825515801_n



The ETNA team was in Margate!

Our third mobility was a big success! We went to Margate and joined all the activities that the Black Canvas group created for all the participants.

The first day we woke up early to take the boat in Dunkerke, which brought us to Dover. From Dover we were brought to Canterbury by van, and there we did our first tourism. We ate together in a very cosy restaurant while we could drink a Belgian beer!
After this small stop in Canterbury we continued our way to Margate. We went directly to our hotel called Fayreness situated on the top of the Cliff Kingsgate Bay. (Broadstairs)

 From 5 until 7 the leaders had the staff meeting at Simth Court Hotel where the rest of the groups (Germans, Czech, Polands and Bulgarian) were staying.

The rest of the Belgian group met in the old centre of Margate to do their first tourism tour.
Everybody met at GB Pizzeria where we had the welcome dinner. There we experienced a nice reencounter between those which knew each other already from the past mobilities and new presentations! It was a nice place to dine with very tasty pizzas!

Finally, all the groups came back to their hotel to sleep and to charge the batteries for the next day!

The second day in Margate started with a traditional English breakfast at the hotel! That was a really energetic start!
At 9 am all the groups together were welcomed in the reception that the Black Canvas prepared very carefully at Turner Contemporary Museum. Coffe&Tea plus introduction about the mobility and the next days made by Cathelin, the coordinator of the Black Canvas group.
For closing the presentation, Victoria Pomery (Director of Turner Contemporary Museum) and one of the English seniors participants also talked about the mobility organisation and the importance of it for them. Without doubt an interesting introduction!

After the presentations it was time to start the workshops. To begin we created the name badges. Everybody had an original badge with a picture or drawing on it and his/her name to make the name memorizing easier. Right after, we split up in two groups. The first group stayed in the atelier to have social interaction with the rest; the second one went to a guided tour (with Harley and Russell as guides) through the Curiosity Exhibition (Turner Contemporary Museum) and did a little drawing activity. The groups switched and everybody did the same at the end.
The second workshop run by Cristina and Allan, was the exchange of the little drawings made in the tour plus small collage creation with images extracted from books and magazines. At the end we hung them in the big atelier’s window.
The third workshop was also run by Cristina and Allan and we made our own windmills which were attached also in the big window, in this way creating a beautiful art collage that could be seen from the outside of the museum!
Finally and as a session closing we learned how to make our own image by blue photopaper technique.

After all we ate the famous fish&chips in an acclimatized room with terrace in the same T.C.Museum.

When everybody wasn’t hungry anymore we walked along the seafront. Having an special look around the Margate Coast until we arrived at Walpole Bay Hotel where we had  Tea time and a tour through this special hotel-museum.
Right after, we split up again in two groups to continue the activities. One group went to Margate History Museum and those who where more interested in the origin of the shells went to the Shell Grotto.
When the visits were finished everybody had a bit of free time for shopping in the city. And we met together again at supper. An elegant and delicious dinner in Turner Contemporary Museum. It was fantastic and while we were eating we could see the magic sunset sea too!
We said goodbye and we went to charge our batteries again for the last day of the project!

The third day started with a beach swim of some of the Belgian seniors! Was veeeery cold but very healthy as well 😉
Obviously, we had to have enough energy to start the new day with a traditional English breakfast again.

At half past nine all the partners were together at Turner Contemporary where after the Coffe&Tea reception we started the activities in Dreamland Exhibition at Pie Factory. There we could see all the art and talk about it with Jan Leandro, the granddaughter of the artist Thomas Beaumont Walpole Champneys (1879-1961).

The seniors who wanted could also do their own artwork in the Pie Factory based on the exposition they saw.

Right after, we went to have a picnic in Quex Park behind the Cotton Museum that we visited after eating.
All the food for the picnic was cooked by the English participants and there was wa big variety of foodstuff and desserts. Was mmmmm… very tasty, sure!
Before we entered the museum we made small presentations about the work that each partner is doing around ETNA Project.
We had little presents from Germany which we’ll use in our forth mobility in Leipzig.
The next activity was in the Cotton Museum where we could visit the exposition it was and had a small coffe&tea break.
This museum was also special because is the new job of Keiko, the past coordinator of Black Canvas group. We could see how good is she doing and say hello again to her! Was a nice reencounter  :–)
After the Cotton Museum we went all together to The Royal Theatre of Margate where we also had a tour through it and we learned a lot of the history of this old and famous theatre.

After all, we had free time to rest in our hotel and we met again for the final supper at Cafe Alma.
The closure was very funny and with a lot of tasty food too! Lucy made the closing speech and the English and Bulgarian group exchanged presents with the rest of the groups.

After some dancing everybody went back to the hotel because we needed a good rest; the day was very intense!

The last day, the Belgian team went back to Canterbury to have a dinner and do some shopping before getting on the boat again that would bring us to Oostende!

Four intense and very interesting days that will be in our memories for the rest of our life!